May 11, 2009

An analyst to consider

I do not parrot other news articles or blogs. I have always prided myself on original thought - my own. Sometimes right, and yes, sometimes, wrong, but in the end - it is my writing and my thinking based on my experiences in the region.

In that same vein, I do not often recommend other analysts or blogs. I am making an exception in this instance. Charles Cresap, known to his friends and colleagues as "Soppy," has great expericence in the Middle East. He, like me, speaks Arabic and served as a U.S. Air Force linguist for years - more than we like to admit. Years ago, he and I were involved in some rather dicey operations in the region - Lebanon comes to mind. His recent experiences in Iraq are also illustrative.

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Soppy, at my urging, has started a blog - Thoughts on the Forever War. Give it a look. Although we do not always agree, I respect his analysis - I think you will as well. You can leave a comment on his blog, if you like.