February 24, 2007

Senator Reid - Obviously, you can't spell either

Last week, I wrote my weekly piece for MSNBC's Hardball Hardblogger, REP. MURTHA, CAN YOU SPELL V-I-E-T-N-A-M? It generated quite a bit of comment, much of it not favorable to me. Still, I maintain that political meddling with the conduct of military operations is dangerous to the men and women of our armed forces - it puts them at greater risk.

Yet, the Congressional effort to put our troops at greater risk continues. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who I believe has never worn the uniform of his country (sorry, the Capitol Police doesn't count), plans to introduce legislation altering the 2002 authority given the President by Congress to conduct operations in Iraq. The legislation would restrict American military operations to fighting Al-Qa'idah, training Iraqi military and security forces, and maintaining Iraq's territorial integrity.

How dense can you be?

Of course, never having had to serve your country overseas in a combat zone, you don't get it. Our troops are only allowed to fight Al-Qa'idah? I don't recall Al-Qa'idah issuing uniforms that distinguish them from the Iraqi insurgents or the Shi'a militia. Are they supposed to ask before engaging them? Do you realize just how ridiculous this sounds to someone carrying an M-4 rifle in Baghdad?

Are we to expect this conversation?

"'Afwan ya sidi, qabl anta tirmi 'aliya bal-bunduqiyah taba'k, hal anta min al-tanzim al-qa'idah wala al-muqawamah al-'iraqiyah wala al-jaysh al-mahdi al-shi'a? Lazm 'arif iza 'andi al-sultanah al-haqiqah aqtilak."
(Excuse me, sir, before you fire your rifle at me, are you part of Al-Qa'idah, the Iraqi insurgency or the Shi'a Al-Mahdi Army militia? I need to know if I have the proprer authorization to kill you.)

If you want to put American troops in even more danger, pass this legislation. Obviously, you can't spell any better than your House colleague John Murtha.