February 19, 2007

Non-binding resolution - A cowardly act

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On Saturday, the Senate failed to pass a non-binding resolution condemning President Bush’s plan to increase the number of American troops in Iraq by 21,500 over the next few months. The House passed such a resolution on Friday.

What does a non-binding resolution accomplish?

It does nothing but harm the morale of American forces in a combat zone and send a message to those we are fighting that the American Congress does not support their troops. It is a cowardly act – if those supporting the resolution truly have the courage of their convictions, they would introduce a bill cutting off funding for the war and force the withdrawal of the troops. Anything less is merely grandstanding at the expense of American troops in harm’s way.

The subtle nicety of the “we support the warriors but not the war” drivel is lost on the bad guys. They see it as a victory in a war they cannot win on the battlefield – it reinforces their will to outlast the Americans. It says to them, “Keep this up and the Americans will call it quits.”

Anyone who believes that passage of the House resolution on Friday and attempts to do the same in the Senate does not hurt American troop morale and embolden the enemy has either never worn a uniform or has forgotten what it’s like to be deployed to a combat zone.

Senators, America needs heroes. Fortunately, it has them -
they’re serving in Iraq. If you voted for this resolution, you’re not fit to be among them.