February 28, 2015

Arab children "playing ISIS" - the sickness spreads

This YouTube video is taken from a live broadcast on Egyptian satellite television network Capital Broadcast Center. The title of the video is "Arab Muslim Children Playing the ISIS Game." The station is using the Arabic acronym for ISIS, da'ish - al-dawlah al-islamiyah fi al-'iraq wal-sham.

In the video, a young boy, speaking standard Arabic with an Egyptian accent, passes sentence on the two "accused." Once he declares "our decision" the other children pretend to behead their "accused" playmates.

This type of sickness is not limited to Egypt.

This photograph is a Facebook post of Syrian children. My translation of this post:

"What are you doing?"

"We are playing, sir, the 'martyr game'."

The brutality of ISIS has permeated even the games that Arab children play. They have been exposed to some of the most depraved behavior in recent history. They have become desensitized and have accepted it as the new normal. We will be dealing with the repercussions of this in the Arab world for generations.

This has to stop.