October 16, 2006

Declaration of "Islamic Iraq" - ADDENDUM

On October 16, the "media committee" of Mujahidin Shura Council of Iraq made the following announcement:

In the blessed month of Ramadan, there is good news from The Land of the Two Rivers [Mesopotamia], the land of the caliphs, from Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate - may Allah free it from the Crusaders and the Shi'a.

The fruits of the monotheism tree, irrigated with the martyrs' blood, has ripened and it is time for the harvest. We are united, and the mujahidin bring good news to the Islamic nation everywhere, especially to the Sunnis in Iraq, about the foundation of the proper state, an Islamic state which will rule the land and people with Allah's law which will protect the Sunnis in Mesopotamia.

The media committee has the honor to present to all Muslims everywhere the message of the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq in the Iraq in the name of the Ministry of Information. We invite all Muslims in the world to support this state with money, men and prayers.

There are some key phrases in this announcement. They refer to the caliphate, an Islamic governmental structure tying religion and the state into one entity. Further, they reference "Allah's law," which means the imposition of the Sharia', strict Islamic law. Note also the desire to rid Baghdad of not only the Crusaders (the U.S-led coalition), but the Shi'a as well. This is a state for the Sunnis.

Given the chosen name of the new state, the Islamic State of Iraq, I am of the impression that this structure is not within the constitutional provisions of autonomous regions, but an actual independent country.